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Lawn Seeds

Nature’s Seed offers only the highest quality turfgrass varieties top-rated by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. No filler species, no added inert matter. Choose the right product for you from our collection of regional-specific lawn blends designed to thrive in your particular climate and situation.

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Pasture Seeds

When it comes to pasture, one size does not fit all. We understand animals have unique grazing styles, palates, and nutritional needs. With this in mind, our experts have developed animal-specific pasture blends for every region of the country.

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Wildflower Seeds

There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a wildflower garden. Naturalistic, beautiful and slightly whimsical, wildflowers can spice up any landscape and attract beneficial pollinators. Whether in a blend or single species packet, we have just the thing for your yard.

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Specialty Seeds

Property problems and needs come in many forms – whether your property is being degraded by erosion, a wetland needs to be restored, wildfire damage is trying to be avoided, or if you just want to improve the habitat and diet of your local wildlife—our specialty seed blends are the solution for you.

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Nature’s Seed cares about your seeding project as much as you do.

Nature’s Seed has been providing the highest quality seed products and services to landowners for over twenty years. Our reputation as the “go-to” source for solving the most complex reclamation, revegetation, forage, and beautification challenges is second to none.

Quality—in everything we do—is the hallmark of Nature’s Seed.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have thousands of happy customers! We like to think of ourselves as a leader in the community, and we thank you for trusting us as your seed provider.

"This past early spring we planted our backyard with your Triple-Play Tall Fescue Grass Seed Mix. Due to early cool weather it took some time to take off. Now it's fall and our backyard is lush and green. Very few weeds. Midsummer and fall fertilizer and weed treatment. Beautiful! Highly recommend!"

Scott Cole Homeowner

"Excellent site. Thank you for this great option to purchase seed. I will be using this to help in our new venture to establish a new pasture area from a neglected field. "

Wallace Zurakowski Property Owner

"Thank you for excellent products and service.... I have always been a "brand animal" and loyal to the ones I trust. After much reading and searching I chose your company to fill my "growing" needs. You've obviously put much time and care into what you do, and it shows, in the feedback and the product that I have now used twice. I look forward to the spring, and have a list of wildflower, pollinator, and other seeds that I'll be anxious to receive."

Peter Paulette Property Owner


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