Sonoran Desert Wildflower Blend


Product Summary

Product Overview: 
Our Sonoran Desert Wildflower seed blend is a 100% native seed blend that is custom designed for the Sonoran Desert (see Distribution Map). We thoughtfully selected wildflowers that are appropriate to this area and that provide a variety of bold and delicate blossoms; with both early and late blooming wildflowers for color through the growing season. This blend has been designed with an emphasis on native wildflowers and with special attention to balanced percentages of annuals and perennials. Additionally, this mix is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of conditions within the geographic region shown on the distribution map.
Seeding Rate: 
.5 oz. / 50ft²
Product Attributes
Full Sun to Partial Shade
Est Rate: 
6 to 48 inches

More Information

The colors in bloom will vary at different times of the year, and depending on how much water and sunlight are available to the wildflowers.  The colors which you will see at different times of the year will include:  yellows, purples, reds, oranges, pinks and whites.

The actual composition of wildflower wildflowers will vary from season to season and from year to year, but generally you will receive the following wildflowers in each order of this blend:

  • Mexican Poppy
  • Arizona poppy
  • Blanket flower
  • Tidy tips
  • Desert lupine
  • Arroyo Lupine
  • California Bluebells
  • Desert senna
  • Firecracker penstemon
  • Desert marigold
  • Hooker's Evening Primrose
  • Desert daisy
  • Brittlebush
  • Arizona Lupine

This blend will make a great addition to any area of your landscape that you want to enhance the color with wildflowers that are not commonly found in typical store-bought seed mixes.  Many of the seeds in this blend have been hand-harvested from the wild and, until now, have only been available to professional and commercial buyers.  Now you can have a beautiful, unique blend of wildflowers that will offer a sense of natural wildflower beauty and locally adapted native plant authenticity in your landscape.

This blend has been a real favorite for sprucing up the color in areas such as:

  • Open fields
  • Cabin sites
  • Next to walk-ways
  • Flower gardens
  • Window boxes
  • Hillsides and other sloped areas
  • Any area with partial to full sun and available moisture (rainfall or irrigation).

This wildflower blend contains no grasses and no fillers.  We pride ourselves on our professional-grade wildflower seeds.  Many of our customers do want to augment this blend with a low growing native grass.  In these circumstances we recommend our Sheep fescue native grass.  Sheep fescue is a low-growing native grass that establishes quickly, helps fill in the gaps between wildflowers and because it is a short growing grass, it won’t hide the beauty of the natural wildflowers.  Sheep fescue is a great compliment to this wildflower blend.  We recommend buying about a quarter of a pound of sheep fescue for every 1000 sqft (0.5 lbs) of wildflower mix.


Our wildflower seed blends are coated with Soil-Boost™ for improved root establishment. Soil-Boost™ is a special type of Mycorrhiza that attaches to the roots of your new lawn to create a symbiotic relationship.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased Absorption of Water and Soil Nutrients
  • Disease Resistance
  • Toxicity Resistance
  • Increased Ability to Grow in Barren Soil