Grass Seed For The Southwest Desert

Blends that thrive in the Southwest

Region Keypoints: 
  • Drought tolerant grass seed selected by experts
  • Free shipping
  • High quality seed, with no fillers
  • Grow a beautiful lawn that won’t require a lot of water
Region Description: 
The Southwest Desert grass growing region is characterized by arid to semi-arid desert landscape, with some mountainous regions. Rainfall is generally scarce, although summer monsoonal storms do occur. Lawn grass needs to be extremely drought tolerant to grow in much of this region, and our experts have selected two species ideal for these growing conditions. Of course, we use multiple varieties for better disease resistance, and there are no filler products which could result in thin spots. Where water is more available, perennial ryegrasses may also thrive.
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Bermudagrass Seed Blend
Bermudagrass Seed Blend
Bermudagrass Seeds

Our blend of premium Bermudagrass seed is perfect for areas of the southern United States that experience extreme heat. It stays green...

High Traffic Lawn
Sports Field
Water Conservation
Full Sun Low Slow Coarse
Buffalograss Seed Blend
Buffalo grass
Buffalograss Seeds

If you live in an area where the warm months outnumber the cooler ones, our 100% buffalograss blend is for you. Buffalograss requires a...

Water Conservation
Full Sun Low Slow Soft
Perennial Ryegrass Seed Blend
Perennial Ryegrass Lawn
Perennial Ryegrass Seeds

This blend of 100% turf-type perennial ryegrass seed is the fastest establishing grass available. It provides a quick, lush lawn in...

High Traffic Lawn
Sports Field
Full Sun to Partial Shade High Quick Medium