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Pasture Establishment: Which Seeding Method Should You Use?

Drill Seeding a Pasture
I might spend a lot of time in front of a computer as part of my job here at Nature’s Seed, but my favorite place to be is out working with the land. This week I was able to do just that. After weeks of waiting, the weather finally calmed down enough to get my own pasture seeded. The process began last year with a soil test and survey, weed control, tillage and extensive planning. As I tell our customers, establishing a pasture is a process that should start months before any seed hits the soil.

Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

spring grass
If you haven’t fired up the lawnmower yet, it won’t be long now. In my area of the country folks have been mowing their lawns for a few weeks now. In other areas, you might need to wait just a bit longer for the snow to melt. Whatever region you live in, there are lawn care tasks you can be doing right now to ensure the smoothest transition into spring.

Their Future is Our Future: The Vital Role of Pollinators

Monarch Butterfly
Pollination is one of the most fascinating stunts Mother Nature has ever pulled. For millions of years plants and animals have co-evolved in the ultimate example of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. Plants rely on their animal partners to transfer pollen from one flower to the next, a process resulting in fertilization, fruit and seed development and the continuation of the species. For their hard work, animal pollinators are rewarded with a steady supply of nectar and pollen – food sources for animals like butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, moths and beetles.

Why Buy Nature’s Seed?

Nature's Seed
There have never been so many choices when buying seed than there are today. You can go to any big-box store and buy a cheap bag of seed at the same place you buy your socks. You can visit a home improvement store and hope the salesperson knows what they’re talking about. You can take your chances by clicking on the first seed company that shows up on an internet search. But how do you know you’re getting the best quality? Not all seed is the same, as too many landowners discover the hard way.

What to do About Dandelions in Your Lawn Grass

Congratulations everyone. You’ve made it through another winter. The days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer, and just the other day I spotted my first dandelion of the season. Spring is definitely here. For some folks, dandelions are no big deal. For others, they’re a curse straight from the devil himself. And that’s okay. We all have our own values, ideas and opinions that will determine which course of action we decide to take when dealing with dandelions in our lawns.

Is a Green Roof Right for You?

Green Roof
The idea is nothing new. Take a bare, boring roof and replace it with green grass, flowers and other vegetation. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the first recorded examples of green roofs, as well as the ancient Scandinavian sod roofs. Early green roofs served as efficient insulation during the winter and effective cooling systems in the summer, especially in regions where building materials were scarce. Today, technology is combining form and function to give green roofs a legitimate place in our modern societies.

More than Luck: Why You Should Add Clover to Your Lawn Grass

Four Leaf Clover
Yes, you read that right. I want you to add clover to your grass this year whether you’re establishing a new lawn or already have an existing lawn. Now before you start sending me angry emails, let me explain. Prior to the 1950s, clover was a valued and accepted component of most grass seed mixes for lawns. It’s only been since the development of herbicides that society has thrown this beneficial legume under the bus.

The Future of Agriculture: Issues & Trends at the 2014 Ag Outlook Forum

Ag Outlook
This week I had the privilege of representing Nature’s Seed at the 90th annual Agricultural Outlook Forum in Arlington, Virginia. During this two day event, government and industry leaders from around the world gathered to discuss agricultural policy, scientific research, agribusiness, current issues and future trends. For me, the forum was an excellent opportunity to gather information that our customers might find useful. Whether you’re a large-scale rancher, a hobby farmer, or just have a lawn or small garden, the topics covered at the forum impact us all.

Communication Breakdown: There’s No Need to be Afraid of Scientific Names

One of the very first courses I took in college was called “woody plant materials”. During this class, we were required to memorize dozens of landscaping plants and their names, both common and scientific. Like most people, I was very nervous about learning scientific names. It all looked like gibberish to me, but I reluctantly gave it a shot. Surprisingly, I caught on quickly and realized scientific names were nothing to be afraid of.

Dealing With Winter Annual Weeds in your Lawn and Garden

With winter’s icy grip still firmly in place throughout much of the country, there’s probably not much for you to do with the lawn and garden right now. But someone else is hard at work out there. As you read this, winter annual weeds are slowly spreading their roots and plotting a turf takeover. Others have already established and are biding their time under the snow, just waiting for the first few warm days of spring.
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