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About Nature's Seed

Our team of experts have been providing the highest quality grass seed products and advice to large landowners and homeowners for over twenty years. Our reputation as the "go-to" source for solving the most complex reclamation, revegetation and beautification challenges is second to none. Quality - in everything we do - is our hallmark.

In addition to our own field production, we use an extensive network of trusted wildland collectors and growers - built over years of experience - to provide you the highest quality products for your restoration, landscaping, or beautification project.

Competition to develop new and improved grass seed types has resulted in hundreds of patented varieties available. Instead of being limited to a single producer, we stock only the best performing "golf-grade" quality varieties for your lawn.

Our quality controls include custom cleaning, followed by purity and viability testing performed by independent laboratories on all of our products. Unlike most of our competitors, we provide pure, proven lawn seed with no added inert fillers (such as sawdust) or filler species (such as Annual Ryegrass).